Copy, link, and synchronize your issues automatically in Jira Cloud

Built to help you manage issue escalation, change requests, incident management, and more. Get information where it needs to go for your teams working in Jira Cloud.

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Copy and synchronize Jira issues easily

Create a customized copy of an issue, in a single click or automatically. Changes to fields, comments or attachments can be automatically synchronized to the copy.

No-code configuration

Set up how issues will be copied and synchronized with no-code recipes your agents will follow.

Made by a leading app vendor

Elements is an Atlassian Platinum Marketplace partner with over 10 years of expertise. 850 customers already trust the Server / DC version of the app.

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Customize how you copy issues

With Elements Copy & Sync for Jira Cloud, you have complete control over the information that's copied.

Configure precisely the content of your copied issues

Copy comments and attachments

Ideal for use-cases like issue escalation, change requests, incident management, and more


Keep your Jira issues in sync

Customize how an issue and its copies are synchronized, including comments and attachments.

Update copied issue fields if data changes in parent issue

Synchronize changes in comments and attachments

No action needed: once the option has been activated, updates are automatic

No-code configuration

Jira admins can create no-code copy recipes that can be applied to multiple use cases.

Control which Jira issues can be copied

Ensure users follow the right procedure

Copy issues with a single click, or behind the scenes

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